Best German Shepherd Names And Meaning

German Shepherd Dog and Puppy Names

German shepherd is a top breed of dog. Loyal and intelligent, these special dogs deserve special names. Here we will share German shepherd names for male and female.  The names will be unique and bad-ass for your champion dog.

German Shepherd Dog Name


Ada Nobility. Female GSD Dog Name
Adelle Nobility. German Shepherdess Name
Addie Nobility.
Adler Eagle.
Albern White
Albert Noble and bright.
Albrecht Noble and bright.
Aldo Intelligent and old.
Alger Shrewd fighter.
Alphonse Ready for a fight: noble.
Alvin good friend or a companion of the elves.
Amelia Work. Female Dog Name For German Shepherd
Anka favored grace. Another name for Shepherdess
Annette Lord’s favors upon me.
Arlo Unidentified.
Armageddon End of the world.
Arnold As tough as an eagle/noble.
August Outstanding and great.
Ava Life. an other Ideal name for female dog
Axel Father of Harmony.
Bach Resident near the stream.
Baldwin Courageous friend.
Bavaria Bavaria is a region of Germany also can be a good name for your GSD.
Beatrix The one to bring joy.
Berlin The most popular city and the capital of Germany enriched with amazing history and landmarks.
Bernard Brave and strong like a bear. One the male German Shepherd Names
Bierkrug This particular dog name is German for stein or beer mug.
Bock This bitter-sweet, heavy-bodied lager is darkened due to the high-colored malts present in it.
Bones TV show and favorite dog treat.
Boris Famous actor.
Brezel It is inspired from dish name pretzel and also similar to brazil. You can consider this name as well.
Britta Power. Female Dog Name
Brunhilde Prepared for battle.
Bruno Brown. One of the Famous German shepherd names
Claudia Enclosure. Name For Female
Cologne This is a populous city, popular for its fabulous cathedral.
Dieter Ruler of people.
Dresden Dresden had undergone huge losses after the World War II but after that, care was taken for it to be restored to its normal form.
Duke Royal title and famous actor.
Dunkel This is a darkened German lager.
Dusseldorf Dusseldorf is a markedly declaring city which can also be used as a cool German shepherd puppy name.
Ella Completely.Female dog name
Elsa Sworn to God.
Emma Entire.
Ernest Solemn and determined.
Felix Joyful and lucky.
Fido General description of dog.
Frankfurt This is another one of the large cities in Germany which makes a cute name for your dog.
Frederik Peaceful power.
Frederika Peaceful leader.
Frieda Beautiful
Fritzi Peaceful leader. Female Dog Name
Goliath Fabled giant.
Goulash Is a dish comprising of the stew or soup which is made up of vegetables, meat and seasonings.
Greta Pearl. Female Dog Name
Gunther Brave fighter.
Hamburg Germany’s second biggest city which is the abode to about 2 million residents.
Hefe Hefe is the name given to the yeast which is popularly used in the fermentation process of beers.
Heidi Of honorable birth. Female Dog Name
HeidiKlum Named fromTV host and supermodel from West Germany. This can be a good german shepherd dog name for female.
Heinrich A king’s home.
Hercules Mythology strong half god.
Herr This is the German term for mister.
Hessia Hessia is a name for cute female dog after another German state, Hessia.
Ida The hard-working one.
Kaiser King.
Knodel This German dish includes dumplings as well and it is created out of bread, flour or potatoes, all of which is then boiled later.
Kolsch Another popular dog name which got its name from a pale, extremely fermented beer which is light-bodied and can only be brewed in Cologne according to law.
Krombacher Second to Oettinger in sales, Krombacher is among the largest breweries in Germany.
Leona Lioness. Perfect name for GSD girl dog
Liesel Sworn to God. GSD female name
Lola Lady of worries. Female Dog name
Maibock This is a strong, pale lager which is brewed during the spring. this is an adorable dog name.
Marta Woman. ideal name for German Shepherd lady.
Marzen It is type of a beer served at the Oktoberfest in Munich. People named this to their dogs.
Max The supreme.
Millie Gentle power.
Mischa God-like. Female name
Munich Germany’s third biggest city.
Oettinger This is the dog’s name which has been taken from the top-selling German brand for beers.
Pilsner This is a pale lager, the name of which originated from Pilsen which is a city in Bohemia.
Raymond Intelligent defender.
Rhine Rhine River which passes through Germany, Rhine can work as just te right dog name.
Rolf Celebrated wolf.
Salzburg Located to the west of Vienna, Salzburg is another one of the populous cities of Austria which is particularly popular for its scenic views and history.
Sauerkraut Including finely cut cabbage which has been salted and even allowed to ferment until it becomes the perfect sour, Sauerkraut is a great dish and a great name for your dog as well!
Schnitzel A popular dish which is made with a thin slice of light meat like veal which has been covered in breadcrumbs and then fried, Schnitzel is quite a popular dog name.
Schwartz Dark skin tone/black hair.
Siegfried Triumphant peace.
Sigmund Triumphant protection.
Sofie Intelligence. ideal name for intelligent female puppy
Spatzle Actually inspired from a kind of a dish famous in southern Germany. People use this name for cute puppies.
Stein Rock.
Stuttgart Popular for automobile businesses like Porsche and Mercedes Benz, Stuttgart has their headquarters here.
Trudy Lance of strength.
Ulf Wolf.
Vienna A unique name for dogs influenced by the largest and the capital city in Austria.
Walter Ruler of an army.
Wanda Traveller/shepherdess.
Wurst This is another dog name inspired from a dish named wurst.
Zelda Grey rebellious maid.
Zues Mythology god.
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