How to Toilet Train Your Puppy in 7 Days – Proven Ways

How to toilet train your puppy

Every Dog Owner has faced a problem of fecal droppings inside the living place and they want to train them to avoid these accidents. But the difficulties are always present and one of the major difficulties is lack of time and lack of knowledge. In this article, we will share Proven ways on How to toilet train your puppy in just 7 days.

Toilet Training Puppy Age:

Adult dogs get trained much faster than young pups. Your puppy should be at least 3-4 months old for house training.  At that age, they had developed their brain to learn new things. The bladder got enough strength to hold pee for the time.

It is true every pet doesn’t get train that fast and quick. Sometimes puppies have a behavioral problem which takes time in training. Sometimes they didn’t focus on things or instructions.


So Below are the steps mentioned which help you potty training your puppy.

1: Let Him Know The Location To Potty

During training sessions, try to take them to the same specific spot every time and stay there until your puppy did his business. In that process, your pup will accept that spot as a toilet.

2: Observe the time and Set a Schedule

As a pet owner, you should note and observe the normal time your puppy do poop and pee. You should bring him to the selected place at that specific time and stay there until he is not done.

3: Know Signs Of Puppy needs to go

Below mentioned behavior changes will let you know that It’s time for puppy to Go to potty.

  • abrupt changes in behavior and activity
  • sniffing or licking the groin/rear area
  • circling and sniffing
  • whining
  • going to the door; start scratching or pawing at the door
  • returning to a any soiled area

4: Try your best to avoid potty accidents

Honestly, you need to observe your puppy’s behavior very carefully. The signs in the above heading are most commonly found in puppies when they want to go. The only thing required here is time and proper observation.

5: Don’t punish your Small Pup

Punishing for an accident is bad practice because he might understand scolding as a sign that it’s wrong to go potty in your presence. He will stop showing signs and start elimination secretly out of your view (under a bed or any hidden space).

6: Crate Training Can Help

Puppies and Dogs have the sense to maintain their room clean. They see the area in which they sleep as their shelter room or den.
Crate training tells them their crate is their den, therefore emptying into their instinct to want to have it clean, mainly by not peeing or excreting in there. No one wants to sleep on his own urine or potty.
This is pretty much good in your favor by keeping them into the Crate. They will not eliminate and wait for you to take them to their toilet place.

7: Teach Bladder Control

The best method to potty train a pup is to make a daily schedule, in which you take him out at regular intervals.
As a general rule with puppies, Their bladder controlling capacity is increasing by age.

Below is the potentially holding capacity.

  • 2 months age: 2-3 Hours
  • 3 months age: 3 to 4 hours
  • 4 months age: 4 to 5 hours

Adjust a proper routine, and you can easily avoid potty accidents. Your puppy will start used to that routine and toilet place.

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